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Yoga Breathing

When carrying out your yoga routine it is not very relevant what you put on or where you perform it, but, however, details such as what you ate that day, the manner in which you breathe and your attitude towards the yoga exercise can make the difference.

You might be wondering why such a simple and common thing like breathing can become an element which can make the difference in a yoga session. Well, first of all you have to know that by the process of breathing we provide our bodies with the necessary quantities of oxygen that we all need, in order to be able to survive. Moreover, the breathing process is also vital because it is an efficient way of getting rid of the toxins in our body.

While flowers need water in order to develop and to grow properly, one of the vital nutrients for the human beings is oxygen. It is important both for the nervous system, as well as for a series of internal organs and glands. However, there is no doubt that the organ, which must by all means be irrigated, is the brain, as in case it is not provided the necessary quantity of oxygen, it might cause the degradation of various other organs.

Now that we enumerated at least a few of the main causes for which we have to ensure sufficient oxygen quantities to our body, let's talk about the healthy ways of breathing. Although breathing is an activity that we do not learn how to do, we sometimes restrict or modify the way we perform this action and it can only result in negative effects for us. Thus, it has become common for people to assume, because of the jobs they perform, for example, weird positions, which diminish the capacity of the lungs and make breathing intervals shorter.

Both specialists, as well as yoga practitioners agree that there is a close connection between the mental state and the manner in which a particular person breaths. Thus, in order to achieve the perfect state of harmony between the body and the soul, yoga trainers organize sessions dedicated completely to teaching the proper breathing techniques, which highly contribute to reaching the desired stage of peacefulness and synchronization between the inner and the outer self.

Yoga breathing does not encourage shallow and fast breathing, but tries to promote the benefits of deep breathing. Among the most important beneficial effects of this manner of breathing we can enumerate:

* Improvement of health and brain irrigation systems.
* Rejuvenation of the skin, which becomes considerably smoother, while facial wrinkles are gradually eliminated.
* Deep breathing leads to stronger lungs and to a healthier heart.
* Relaxation of the body and mind.

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