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Yoga Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is usually accomplished while coming down from the shoulder stand pose, with the feet going into the opposite direction. The spine experiences a reverse bend and all neck pressure is relieved. Holding the bridge is beneficial for the back and abdominal muscles. Entering the pose and exiting it also helps develop stronger wrists and a more flexible spine. As a caution you should try to keep your thumbs pointed in the same direction as the shoulder stand, otherwise you risk hurting your fingers.

yoga bridge poseThe first step while performing the bridge pose is to lie on your back and hold your feet together while you keep your knees bent. Just like in the shoulder stand, try to lift your hips as far as possible by placing your hands on the lower back. While in the shoulder stand you become prepared for the bridge - reverse the pose movements until you come out of the shoulder stand pose. After doing this a couple of times go back into the shoulder stand and bend the right leg, while lowering it to the floor.

Bring your left leg down, together with your right. Maintain the pose while inhaling deeply for a few times. Take one deep breath and go into the shoulder stand and then release the pose and come out of it. In time you will notice that lowering both legs simultaneously is also possible. This is a difficult pose if you are lacking spinal flexibility, but it is achievable by anyone willing to invest some time into practicing it.

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