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Yoga Corpse Pose

Despite the fact that it is considered to be a classic relaxation yoga pose, the Corpse Pose is in fact one of the most difficult Yoga Asanas. It can either be practiced before or in between Asanas, or as the Final Relaxation.

Before starting your Corpse Yoga Pose make sure you have laid symmetrically, as you need to have proper space to stretch you hands and your legs. You will notice that once you are done with this exercise you experience a feeling of marvelous relaxation of all your muscles. 

yoga corpse poseWhen working on this pose, it is advisable to start by rotating your legs in and out and letting them fall slowly on the sides. Then, repeat the movement with your hands. The next move implies your spine. Rotate it by turning your head from side to side. Letting gravity embrace you, stretch yourself in a similar manner as if somebody was pulling your head away from your feet. Keep your shoulders down and as away from the feet as possible.

Soon, you will feel your entire weight going deeper into a state of profound relaxation. At this moment breathing is a key element, for obtaining the best results. Thus, you have to make sure you breathe deeply and your whole abdomen is rising when you inhale. Many specialists, as well as yoga practitioners agree that there are a lot of beneficial actions going on in your entire system, when you breathe correctly, such as, for example, removal of stress and reduction of the body's energy loss.

For all its helpful results, the Corpse Pose is highly popular among the relaxation poses.

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