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Yoga Crow Pose

In the Crow Pose the weight of your body is supported on your elbows, while your hands and head are orientated forward. This pose is not difficult to achieve, if you make sure you bend forward enough to prevent your mind from wandering. By regularly practicing this pose your wrists, arms and shoulders strengthen, while your concentration level is improved and your breathing capacity expands.  

yoga crow poseIn order to proceed with this pose, squat yourself down and bring your arms between your knees. Your palms should be placed down on the floor, in front of your body. Make sure your shoulders are way apart and your fingers are pointing slightly inwards. Once you got to this position, try to bend your elbows out to the sides, converting the backs of your arms into shelves for your knees to comfortably rest on. Your look should be orientated forwards and you should breathe normally.  

Once you got to this position try to identify a reference point on the wall or on the floor in front of you, which you will use for focusing. During this phase of the pose breathing plays a crucial role. Thus, it is important to inhale and then to retain your breath. While retaining your breath, try to lean towards the reference point that you previously selected. While doing this make sure you transfer the weight of your body to your hands and you lift your toes up. Exhale and then try to remain in the same position for about three or four deep breaths.

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