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Yoga Eye exercises

Yoga practitioners place a great accent on the eye exercises. By working out the eye muscles they are able to prevent any possible problems caused by loss of tone and vitality of these muscles, which usually appear once the person reached maturity. Eye tensions not only reduce the ability of the eye to focus at different distances, but they also cause a great discomfort, due to the fact that the eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve. 

Eye exercises are recommended not only for preventing eye illnesses, but also for improving the sight and curing minor dysfunctions of the eye. A lot of people are interested in correctly performing these exercises. In order to proceed with eye exercises routine, make sure you are comfortably sited, with your eyes wide open. It is important that your back is in a straight position, your hands are on your knees, your body is relaxed and your head remains straight. During the period you perform the exercises your body should remain in the same position and no part of your body should move except for your eyes.  

Choose two reference points: one on the wall and one on the floor and repeatedly raise and lower your eyes on those points. This move represents the warm up for the exercises. Then, once you feel prepared, move your eyes as upwards as possible and then as downwards as you can. It is recommended to repeat the moves 5 times and then blink quickly in order to allow the eyes to relax.

Repeat the exercise, but, this time use reference points placed to your right and to your left, at your eye level. Once you repeated the exercise 5 times, do not forget to let the eye muscles rest.

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