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Yoga Forward Bend

This seated pose is one of the basic asanas and it provides every yoga practitioner with an easy and relaxing pose. The key to performing the forward bend is to allow your body to embrace the position naturally rather than forcing it to do so. The bend does wonders for your back region but it also helps massage inner organs for better blood circulation. 

Start the pose by taking a deep breath and then raising both arms upwards next to your head. Keep your back straight and slowly lean forward and try to catch your feet. The ideal outcome of the pose is when you are able to hold your toes in your hands, for a while. Holding the pose for about half a minute is perfect. However, always try to keep both your back and your legs straight. This requires a lot of flexibility and you may find it impossible to reach your toes. In this case you should try to grab your ankles and thus make the pose easier. While coming out of the pose try to inhale and then stretch your body upwards in the initial position.

The flexibility required to perform this pose is high and it may take weeks or months for a yogi to be able to reach his or her toes and hold the pose in the optimum position. Do not get discouraged if you cannot achieve the perfect pose from the first few attempts and try to gradually work your way to achieving the maximum effects of the forward bend. 

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