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Fundamental Principles of Yoga

Yoga practices can bring up a series of incredible benefits. However, in order to get to those stages highly appreciated by perseverant yoga practitioners there are a series of fundamental principles that any yogi has to respect.

Most of these rules are related to proper relaxation techniques, to the right manner of breathing, to the sort of diet practitioners should follow and, not in the last place, to thinking positively and trying to meditate objectively on the surrounding realities.

As a general rule, all principles underline the importance of self-discipline, self-control, self-determination and focus, as relevant ways of achieving the status promoted by the yoga ideology. Although at the beginning uninitiated yogi might feel overwhelmed with the richness and the vastness philosophy and practice of yoga, there is, however, a series of basic principles, which can help early stage yoga practitioners understand better this ideology.

Here are some of the fundamental principles of this philosophical practice:

* Total relaxation of your body and mind is required in order to revitalize your nervous system, achieve inner peace and feel relaxed and refreshed.

* Your body was designed to move and exercise, which is why, by correctly practicing the yoga exercises, including stretching and toning your muscles, you can increase the flexibility of your joints and spines and contribute to improving your blood circulation.

* Furthermore, it is crucial to learn how to breathe correctly when performing the yoga movements, so that you achieve the desired state of harmony and purification. Rhythmical and full breathing, using the lungs entirely, in order to increase the quantity of oxygen you intake, is the most recommended. The breathing techniques promoted by yogi have the purpose of relaxing your mind and increasing your energy level.  
*  Yogis are convinced that what we eat strongly affects our spiritual awareness, which is why, when practicing yoga is recommended to mind your diet. There is no doubt that the things we eat nourish both our body, as well as our soul and, as a consequence, a balanced diet, based on natural products is the number one option to go. Proper eating implies not the things you eat, but it also involves eating moderately and only when you are hungry. After all, there is no logic in eating only for lack of other activities.

* Many philosophical concepts, including yoga practices, state that the manner in which we think strongly affects our way of living. As a result, it is always recommendable to meditate on things and to try to eliminate any negative thoughts, in order to gain control over your own mind.

As a final conclusion, it is vital to understand and be aware of the above mentioned principles, in order to maximize the positive effects of your yoga practice.

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